Check my Webcam Page New
- Webcam @ Home and Work

My Cisco Networking Lab New
- Equipment Listing

Mehr Infos über den IP-Wizard
- hier geht's weiter

what are the most common http error codes ?
- see list

how to send mail using telnet to tcp-port 25 ?
- see how

Cisco IOS "Weak Password" Decryption Applet
- do it

linux on alpha
- AlphaServer 4100 5/466
- AlphaStation 500/400 MHz [german only]
- AlphaServer 1000A/300 MHz [german only] [discontinued]

linux on laptops
- dell latitude cpt-c400gt

interesting stuff
- join the distributed.net rc5 effort
- mozilla.org
- the apache http server
- samba
- the w3c consortium (leading the web to its full potential ...)

networking stuff
- cisco systems

operating systems
- suse linux
- m$ windows nt

furby hacking
- hack your furby at hackfurby.com
- hack your furby at john tokash's website
- hack your furby at furby remote for palmpilot

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